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Missional is not an event we tack onto our already busy lives. It is our life.” @jonathan_dodson

80% of evangelical churches are in decline or stagnation. Churches aren’t known for anything relevant in their communities. And a third of our communities have no perceived need for a local church, which is a problem. We believe that each church should "Be Known For Something" that will reconnect your church with your community. This year at Sharper we will be taking an eye-opening journey to revitalize your Church’s reputation, control your message, and create a communication strategy for living missionally.


Mark MacDonald

Strategic Communication Catalyst, Florida Baptist Convention

Mark MacDonald is the Strategic Communication Catalyst for the Florida Baptist Convention (FBC), leads BeKnownForSomething.com, a consulting agency that helps churches and people become relevant in their community, and is the best-selling author of "Be Known For Something | Reconnect with Community by Revitalizing Your Church’s Reputation".

Worship Artist

Andy Ziesemer

Founder of A Jesus Mission

Andy married his wife Sarah in June of 2004 and started a rock and worship band “The New Divide” with his brothers in 2006. He has traveled to more than 30 countries for the sake of evangelism and teaching the Gospel.

Andy is one of the original co-founders of A Jesus Mission and is the acting Missions Director and President of the organization.

the day of


8:00A - 9:00a


9:00A - 10:15A

Session One

10:15A - 10:30A


10:30A - 11:30A

Breakout One

11:30A - 1:00P

Lunch & Panel

1:00P - 2:00P

Breakout Two

2:00P - 2:15P


2:15P - 3:30P

Session Two



what to look forward to


Mark Macdonald

Live Missionally Through Your Brand Process

Ultimately the goal of branding is to create a look and feel that ties into our church’s mission and vision. We’ll give practical guidance on how to use brand elements to cast a clear and compelling picture of who we are and what we’re all about.


Live Missionally By Moving Into the Digital Age

Learn how we can join the rest of the world in digitally marketing to a screen-based generation. Promote church and church events on free or next-to-free platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


Live Missionally Through Public School Partnership

Most churches are missing a great opportunity to live missionally in their communities. In this breakout, Mike and John will share how to partner with public schools for the sake of the Gospel.


Training New Worship Leaders

Where can we find worship leaders who are musically excellent, spiritually vibrant, and committed to the mission of the church? Answer: we don’t find them; we have to develop them. Learn how you can do so in any church context.


Technology For Worship: Audio, Video, Lighting

Creating impactful worship services goes beyond the platform to the Tech Booth. We’ll discuss practical, scalable ideas for the best practices in Audio, Video Production, and Lighting Design.


A Prayer Strategy that Works

Learn how to think through the big picture of each church’s mission and then develop a prayer strategy that undergirds it. As Oswald Chambers says, “Prayer does not equip us for greater works; prayer is the greater work.” 

People in our churches all understand the importance of prayer. They all want to pray more, but they also need more direction. Let’s give people in our churches prayer tools that give them the focus and direction we all need.


A Simple Way to Share the Gospel

Every day we have dozens of conversations that have the potential to turn into gospel conversations. Learn how to use our 3 Circles life conversation guide to naturally tell others about the hope we have in the gospel of Jesus.


Multiplying Groups

Sunday School, Missional Communities, Growth Groups, Life Groups, or Small Groups—no matter what we call them, groups are the best relational context to spur people’s spiritual growth. Discover how to create groups, train leaders, and multiply disciples by living on mission.

where it will be


On February 22nd, 2018 we will be
meeting together at Freedom Church.

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We are so excited to be able to provide local Pastors' and their staffs with a free one-day conference! We highly recommend bivocational church leaders to take the day off so they too, can be made sharper. Sharper Conference is entirely free and we are giving away books and an iPad Pro (with smart keyboard cover)! We believe that Shaper Conference is going to be useful for leaders in all areas, from Senior Pastor to Production Team Leader. And it is all for free.

We hope you would join us! We are excited to meet all of you!



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